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Posted on: March 3, 2017

Police Dept. & City Announces Changes Regarding Weather Notification

With storm season approaching, the Parsons Police Department and City of Parsons would like to inform the community of some changes regarding weather notification.

The Parsons Police Department has participated jointly with the Labette County Emergency Management in utilizing the WENS notification system to notify the community of weather alerts.

The website location can be found on either the Labette County website, emergency alerts, or the Parsons Police website, WENS/CodeRed or directly at https://public.coderedweb.com/cne/en-US/BF605748032D.

The Parsons Police Department broadcasts updated information on Cable One, relays information to local point of contacts at the storm shelters, KLKC if they responded, and alert notifications such as the CodeRed system. Information from the local news channels and radio stations can also be accessed by the community to evaluate local weather conditions. The Parsons Police Department will not provide an “All Clear” notification during inclement weather conditions, nor sound the storm siren a second time for an “all clear” notification. This is not a local standard for emergency services. I want a clear, consistently defined system of notification. If the storm sirens sound that means seek shelter immediately as weather conditions are threatening.


The testing of the storm sirens will begin in March.

The tests, weather permitting, will be conducted at noon on Monday’s.

Why do the sirens only sound for a few minutes?

The storm sirens have a standard program and designed to sound for 3 minutes before timing out. If the sirens operate for a prolonged time, they build up too much heat and cause damage to the siren. The sirens are designed to be a notification system of severe, inclement weather.

When the sirens stop sounding, is that an indication people can safely leave their storm shelters?

No, the storm sirens are designed to only run for a limited time. The storm sirens, with the exception of the Monday (noon) weather permitting tests, should only be indicators to take shelter immediately due to severe weather conditions.

Additional Information:

We would ask the public during such weather incidents to not call the police department for weather updates. The extra call volume prevents staff from being able to provide notifications to emergency personnel and contact local community members to coordinate services. I would recommend for community members to look at all their options to ensure their safety during these storms, whether it means sheltering in place, at a neighbors, etc.

If you have a safe room or other shelter area, you might consider storing important papers and other irreplaceable items in the shelter if space permits.

Check and replace batteries in your weather radio, flashlights and other devices in your safety kit often, preferably twice a year. Do this at the same time you set clocks back/ahead in the spring and fall, and when you replace smoke detector batteries. Check you disaster supplies kit often, as well to maintain fresh food and water, etc. Remember that your disaster supplies kit could also be critical in other types of disasters, including winter storms, etc.

Make sure you have something to cover up with. Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, a mattress could help to protect you from falling/flying debris. Above all protect your head, neck and upper body. Wear a helmet (bicycle, football, baseball, motorcycle, hard hat, etc) if you have one. If there's room, lie flat and cover up. Otherwise, get as low to the ground as possible and make as small a target as possible.

Unfortunately, there are no safety rules - absolute safety facts that will keep you safe 100% of the time. Instead, we offer guidelines for personal safety.

You can visit the Parsons Police Department website for a variety of weather related informational documents. www.parsonspd.com
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