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Parsons, KS 67357


Name Title Email Phone
Bias, Ron Water & Wastewater Collections 620-421-7091
Clevenger, Derek Utilities Director 620-421-7020
Davis, Perry Water & Wastewater Collections 620-421-7091
Dill, Clifford Water & Wastewater Collections 620-421-7025
Edwards, Jasen Water & Wastewater Collections 620-421-7091
Geisler, Lee Water Plant Operator 620-421-7091
Holding, Chris Water Plant Supervisor 620-421-7091
Houghton, Troy Waste & Wastewater Collection 620-421-7091
Atkins, Cameron Wastewater Plant 620-421-7080
Horton, Jr., John Wastewater Plant 620-421-7080
Janssen, Curt Lake Parsons Supervisor 620-421-7093
Landon, Adam Water Treatment Plant 620-421-7091
Martinez, Simon Water Plant Operator 620-421-7091
Newberry, Cole Lake Parsons 620-421-7093
Walker, Jake Water and Wastewater Collections 421-7091
Stover, Clint Wastewater Plant 620-421-7080
Thompson, Brian Wastewater Plant 620-421-7080
Ashen, Matt Sanitation 620-421-7025
Burgess, Marcus Sanitation
Blackburn, Charles Sanitation 620-421-7025
Hamilton, Darrin Sanitation 620-421-7025
Harrington, Jr., Duane "Geno" Sanitation 620-421-7025
Luton, William Sanitation 620-421-7025
McElfresh, Shane Sanitation 620-421-7025
Drummond, Kent Wastewater Plant 620-421-7080
Steeby, Robert Sanitation 620-421-7025
Stephens, Charles Sanitation 620-421-7025
Myers, Quentin Water